Cosplay In and Out Pt 1

Part 1 of a series of cosplayers in and out of their cosplay

Phoenix Arizona Area Cosplayers In and Out of their cosplays
Over the years I've shot alot of cosplayers. Usually in cosplay! Lately alot of cosplayers have found their new cosplay confidence and turned it into portraiture shoots outside their costumed personas. I thought it'd be fun to showcase cosplayers I've shot side by side in and out of cosplay! 
Gus Matos - Heroes United -  as Gorgon 
Rachel Ashley   - Stray Kat Cosplay - As Straycat
Krystal DM - JouninK Cosplay - Mink: Dramatical Murder
 Ben Dickinson - Beninator  - (Left) as Salem
 Sarah Radar - Geekster Whimsy Cosplay - as Victorian Joker Genderbend 
Johnny Carwell - Heros United - as Prince Naveen
Brandon Taylor - Beast Lee Cosplay - as Thor
Tyfani Johnson - Tyfani Minx - as Merida 

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