Recent Edits May 2016

Recent photos and edits by me. Some of the photos are for the Men vs Cosplay Calendar.

Before I got into photography I was a photoshop artist. I've lately decided to really stand out from the crowd I need to dig deep back into those roots and pull out some really impressive edits. Something more than someone who is just a photographer, or just a photoshop artist are capable of reproducing. I'm not at the level I want to be yet, but I think I've gotten a few good results. 
Model: Kodiak Darling
Max relaxing while the world turns to dust or sand around him. It seems fitting and I love it! 
Photo for
Model: Katara Fox
Sailor Mars with a punk twiste! This one I had a fog machine and some real smoke which I think really sells the fire.
Model: Beninator
I love the emotion captured in this one. A hero carries a heavy burdon. I intentionally oversharpened it a bit and tried to pull of a semi-Dragan style look with alot of contrast and playing up the blemishes to give everything an overall hard edged look to it. 
photo for
Model: Sarah Rader
We did this shoot right after David Bowie died. The edit kind of takes away from the theme honestly since the model is holding the book from the labryinth is wearing a goblin king inspired coat she designed and has a crystal juggling ball that you probably wouldn't have seen any of if I hadn't pointed them out. I still like the edit though and wanted to do an enchanted forrest theme. 
Model: Beastlee Cosplay
Another edit with smoke and fire! And DeadPool
Model: Katara Fox
Post apocalyptic Alice and Wonderland needed an apocalyptic setting. 
Model: Stray Kat Cosplay
Photo of Rey needed to take place on a snowy icy background
Model: Justin DeRo
Genderbend Cruella de Vil. Cruella DeRo seemed to fit but he doesn't like it and wants me just to change it to de Vil. 
photo for
Model: Chiyo Chan
I've been experimenting with Movie/Comic/Book covers too. This one is obviously inspired by Natural Born Killers
Model: Katara Fox
Actually this one doesn't have very much editing, but I just liked it. 
My 2nd attempt at a milk dress and 1st success! 
Model: Emilynn
A book cover I made for a local author about a demon child trying to find redemption
Model: Nyla
Promo image for a dance instructor that teaches alternative dance/burlesque style dancing.

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